About Inis MeŠin
Inis MeŠin isnít for everybody. If you get bored easily, need shopping centres and burgers, panic when you have no connection for your mobile phone or donít like walking it is not the place for youÖ
It has its own quiet beauty, unspoiled by tourism. Just 3,5 km by 5 with about 165 inhabitants, it has 1 shop, 1 pub, a couple of bed and breakfasts, a great boutique hotel and a knitting factory. People live here like they used to do, farming, fishing and building and taking care of their own. As it is Gealtacht, they speak Irish and love it if you give it a try too. No worry though, they have English as well.
The island is perfect for people who seek tranquillity, nature and authenticity. The limestone karst landscape is amazing, with ever changing light and the ocean always close by. The stunning sights from the Dunís ( forts), the cliffs and the rough west coast, the dunes and the beach make every walk an new adventure.

As small as it is, Inis MeŠin deserves more than a daytrip. Exploring the island, having a drink at the pub and finishing with a very nice meal with locally sourced produce canít be done before the ferry leaves. If you stay overnight you will find this place has a unique kind of magic.

Time and stress disappear, serenity and relaxation take their place. Inis MeŠin is an experience youíll never forget.